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Nanostone Ceramic Membrane Nanotechnology and Physical Structure – By Christian Göbbert, Chief Science Officer and VP of R&D

A short video featuring Nanostone Water’s Dr. Christian Göbbert, Chief Science Officer, to explain the nanotechnology of the ceramic membrane coating and physical structure.

The team of scientists and engineers here at Nanostone have spent years reimagining what a water filtration membrane should be and realizing it. The chemical and crystalline structure of the ceramic was selected to maximize its affinity for water. It also minimizes the adsorption of contaminants while maximizing chemical stability to improve cleanability and robustness. 

The membrane’s mesostructure was crafted to reduce energy requirements by enabling the lowest possible pressure required for a homogenous ultrafiltration membrane. It is also designed to improve backwash efficiency through careful control of porosity and tortuosity. And the physical design of each segment was precisely engineered to maximize active area within a durable module construction with optimized fluid dynamics.

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