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Nanostone Water Desalination Solution

Nanostone is redefining RO pre-treatment with its ceramic membrane technology.

Nanostone’s membranes are robust against the most challenging of seawaters, including algal blooms. In fact, Nanostone’s solution is so effective that it outperforms multiple processes used in conventional pretreatment combined in a single barrier. This means desalination plants can be less expensive to build in a significantly smaller area and with a reduced environmental footprint.

It also means peace of mind for plant operators, who can rest assured knowing their Nanostone pre-treatment provides superior, continuous, and reliable RO protection, resulting in more plant uptime reduced operating cost.

Nanostone’s core technology features an aluminum oxide ceramic core housed in a fiberglass vessel. Nanostone’s patented design optimizes water transfer through permeate conduit channels that run the length of the module. Water enters feed channels at the bottom of the module and the flat sheet segment design allows for low pressure flow. The ceramic membrane coating on the inner channel walls prevents suspended solids and microorganisms from passing through the structure.

Nanostone ceramic ultrafiltration is a game-changer that is redefining the desalination process. It makes water treatment reliable, simple, and cost-effective with a robust solution that will stand the test of time: Guaranteed for up to 20 years.

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