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Nanostone wins State-of-the-Art award at 2022 IDA World Congress in Sydney, Australia

Nanostone’s technical paper was recognized with the State-of-the-Art award at the 2022 IDA World Congress
October 14, 2022

Nanostone’s technical paper at the 2022 International Desalination Association (IDA) World Congress, highlighting the effectiveness of our ceramic ultrafiltration technology as pre-treatment for reverse osmosis in seawater desalination, was recognized with the State-of-the-Art award!

The award—presented to an established solution for desalination and reuse that reflects a significant contribution to the global industry—underscores our dedication to innovation in water treatment and our commitment to desalination markets around the world. We thank our co-author on the paper, PUB, for support on the project!

Learn more about our state-of-the-art ceramic ultrafiltration technology!

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